Thursday, February 26, 2009

My I want to write about something I shouldn't be writing about

My infidelities are "prized". I mean that they are much of what I live for. Let me explain. I have had a number of very good--actually, wonderful--extramarital affairs in my married life. Yes, yes, it's morally and ethically and, probably, legally wrong and bad, but I have neither the time or the inclination to think of this. Life happens right now, doesn't it? 

I had my first affair--a lustful and fun relationship, really--when I was in my early thirties. How else to deal with an admittedly frigid and sexless wife? My other in the relationship was a woman 12 years younger. I will never be 33 again, and I am so very happy, now, that I then broke the matrimonial vow because, had I not, I would not have had that wonderful experience. I had never had sex that good, that racously, that wildly. It was erotic, pungent, violently lascivious, sexy. That, and a few other select encouters like it since, have made my life that much more liveable. 

This first post is just a prefatory note to any one willing to read up on one many's guiltless and happy, prized infidelities. This is not a pornographic blog, though it will, periodically dable in erotica, sexuality, and bawdy talk, though most of the time I will be concerned with the thought that stands behind marital infidelity, the "philosophy" of the bedroom if you will, the curiousities involved in it (like why are so many more women than I ever thought out there on sites like Ashley Madison looking for a lover?).

I will begin my post with a full confession regarding my first prized infidelity.